Building Cryptocurrency Portfolios on CryptoWeighter


Building Cryptocurrency Portfolios on CryptoWeighter


The online portfolio analytic tool offers twenty-one quantitative methods for building cryptocurrency portfolios. First, the subscriber has three fairly standard ways to construct a portfolio. He can either specify the number of coins or tokens for each position, enter the fixed % for each holding of the portfolio's total market value, or he can simply assign a portfolio weighting factor for all cryptocurrency positions.

     In addition to the three standard ways of portfolio weighting noted above, we offer eighteen strictly quantitative weighting methods. These methods are based on the below five real-time trading characteristics for all coins and tokens:

·                      Market capitalizations (2 portfolios)

·                      USD trading volume for each of three time periods (6 portfolios)

·                      Price performance for each of three time periods (6 portfolios)

·                      Price Performance Blend (arithmetic average of the three time periods) (2 portfolios)

·                      CryptoWeighter Blend (arithmetic average of the three time periods plus the Price Performance Blend) (2 portfolios)

For these five methods CryptoWeighter also offers portfolio displays using our proprietary circ/max factor overlay. We define circ/max factor as the percentage found when dividing the total circulating coins outstanding of a certain cryptocurrency by the maximum coins authorized to be outstanding. By weighting the coin position holdings in these five methods based on the circ/max factors, new weightings are generated which may be of interest to portfolio managers. Therefore, the 5 methods above turn into 18 different portfolio weighting methods. When you combine these with the 3 user-imposed methods, there are 21 different quantitatively-derived portfolios. From a practical standpoint, the subscriber can select which of these portfolios he wants to have displayed as his Control Portfolio.

To make the portfolio navigation fluid, we first display the Control Portfolio---the subscriber’s original portfolio. And then, for comparative purposes, we display multiple alternative portfolios below the Control Portfolio. Here is the link to the below sample portfolio ( and also, printed below, is the i-frame portfolio display. If you click on the upward-pointing arrow, summary information regarding that cryptocurrency will be presented.