Crypto Universe of Over 4,000 Cryptocurrencies - Real-Time Prices and Fundamental Data

CryptoWeighter is a portfolio management platform for building, weighting, managing, and sharing cryptocurrency portfolios. In addition, its software framework includes a proprietary contest and performance management system - all supported by native software and a data feed of over 4,000 coins, real-time prices, and fundamental data provided by CoinMarketCap.

There are three levels of subscription as follows: To summarize, here is a brief overview:

          Level I - Free. Users may build, manage, archive and share portfolios as well as use the Universe for information on prices and fundamental data. 

          Level II                          

                 el I subscribers may also access our Crypto Universe, build, and archive their own portfolios and organize their own crypto contests. And last, Level III is the highest level of subscription whereby subscribers may use our portfolio performance system, the circ-max weighting system, and have access to advanced ranking systems for our Universe of coins and tokens.