Relative Market Price Performance of Stablecoins

The portfolio holdings below include 53 stablecoins that have current market price quotations available. To address the question of price stability, I used the CryptoWeighter portfolio analytic tool to weight each holding based on its respective price change over the last week. That is to say, if the price of A was up 9% and B was up 6%, I would then assign a portfolio weight of 60% for A and 40% for B.

Underneath the Portfolio Holdings section, I have used CryptoWeighter to weight the portfolio by market cap and trading volume. Note that the portfolios are all broken down by whether they have limited outstanding supply or have no limit to the number of coins outstanding. The display below is a widget whereby prices are quoted 24 hours per day. CryptoWeighter's price feed is provided by Coin Market Cap.


Miles P. Jennings, May 6, 2021                                                                                           

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