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CryptoWeighter is designed as a research tool for studying and managing cryptocurrency portfolios. By employing quantitative methods, the CryptoWeighter system generates multiple ways to weight and view your portfolio:
Crypto Portfolio
Holdings and portfolio weightings are established by the subscriber. He can add, delete, increase or decrease holdings at any time. Prices of portfolio holdings are continuously updated on a real-time basis. Users may create URLs of their Crypto Portfolio and share them via e-mail, text, bulletin boards, blogs, webcasts, and other websites.

Portfolio Weighting Modules
Multiple portfolio weighting modules are automatically generated and simultaneously displayed along with the user’s Crypto Portfolio. These weighting modules are all quantitatively based, proportionally weighted, and rules based.


We have built a contest framework supported by the CoinMarketCap real-time data feed of over 4,500 cryptocurrencies. Subscribers can run their own crypto contests, and anyone may join CryptoWeighter contests without charge.


The CryptoWeighter portfolio analytics tool presents the following portfolio module views of the Subscriber’s Crypto Portfolio:

  • Equally Weighted Module
  • Fixed-Percent Module
  • Market Cap Module*
  • USD 24-hr Trading Volume Module*
  • USD 7-day Trading Volume Module*
  • USD 30-day Trading Volume Module*
  • 1-hr Price Performance Module*
  • 24-hr Price Performance Module*
  • 7-day Price Performance Module*
  • Price Performance Blend Module*b
  • CryptoWeighter Blend Module*b
*with circ-max factors applied
bproportional blend of weighting factors


Our searchable and sortable Crypto Universe includes over 4,500 crypto coins and tokens. Pop-up shareable information cards are instantly accessible. View the following info-cards for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether


Crypto Infrastructure Company neither provides investment advice nor holds subscribers’ cash or cryptocurrencies in custody. CryptoWeighter contests do not offer cash prizes except, on occasion, it does offer free subscriptions as prizes. CryptoWeighter is a portfolio analytics tool developed by Crypto Infrastructure Company.


Cryptoweighter is an entirely custom-built application currently in its third iteration. It is built with the minimalist approach of fast performance, simple design and future proof expandability. We are hosted in a cloud infrastructure with the goal of scalability always at the forefront of our minds. Many of our systems utilize an API which is not currently public but designed with the intention of interfacing with other systems. We would welcome any ideas/comments/improvement suggestions from users or collaboration ideas with other developers.


Founded in 2021, Crypto Infrastructure Company owns and operates the CryptoWeighter portfolio analytics tool platform. Using native software, we built and coded the dedicated framework which runs CryptoWeighter.
Name: Crypto Infrastructure Company
E-mail: [email protected]
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