Crypto Universe

To access our Crypto Universe of over 4,500 cryptocurrencies simply click the link "Crypto Universe" present on the bottom of every page.

The Crypto Universe provides information about cryptocurrencies and also provides access to our sorting functions where you can sort by market cap, trading volume, and price performance. Subscribers have access to sort based on circ-max factor. The circ-max factor is an item on the regular Info-Card for each cryptocurrency.

Free Users

Create Portfolio

To create a portfolio log in to your account and click "Portfolios" on the top menu.

Complete all required fields, under each field there is an explanation of what the value means. Select the coins you would like to add by click on them. Click 'Create Portfolio' button on the bottom of the page to create and save your new portfolio.

Enter Contests

In order to join a contest you must have a join link. You must be invited by a person creating a contest.

To join, go to the page of the url. Fill out all required fields for the portfolio you would like to submit. See help section 'Create Portfolio' for more details. Click "Create Contest Portfolio" to submit.

You can view all your current/past contests by clicking the link "Contests" on the top main menu.

Paid Users

Create Portfolio

There are some features available to Subscribers and Portfolio Managers when building portfolios:

  • a. You may create a portfolio by entering the number of coins or tokens of each cryptocurrency holding in your portfolio. Justin, show the two radio buttons.
  • b. When you select Portfolio Market Value, your portfolio is created and weighted by automatic quantitative methods. Alternatively, when you select your portfolio by the number of coins for each holding, you create a custom portfolio.
  • c. You may also create your own total market value of your portfolio rather than only using the default $35,000 in a free user account.
  • d. You may also “unlock” your portfolio so that it floats with the market. This is especially important to see how your portfolios perform under different weighting methods. If you “lock” your portfolio, it will always be locked by the weighting method you selected.

Create Contests

If you are a level 2 member simply click on the "Contests" link on the top main menu to view and create contests. If you are a level three you can access, priority has been made for the performance reports. You can goto contests by click - here -.

Complete all required fields and click to "Create" to save your new contest. This creates the “Join Link” which you can send to potential contestants via copying and pasting the Join Link to email, bulletin boards, blogs, etc.

Performance Reports

Level 3 paid members lan can build various portfolios and compare the relative market price performance of selected portfolios. CryptoWeighter creates a Leader Board which breaks down relative market price performance over a designated period of time. That time period could be one hour or 5 years. This flexibility allows managers to create portfolio benchmarks and indices for management purposes.

First, let’s say you have created 20 portfolios and want to compare 3 portfolios for a period of one month (any time can be specified to the minute).

You must create a new Portfolio Performance Report. Click on PERFORMANCE tab on the home page.

Click on button named “Create New Performance Report”

Enter the name of your Performance Report.

Enter the starting Dates and Times and the Ending Dates and Times. It should be noted here that you can set the starting date to coincide with important events etc. For example, daily, weekly, monthly, annual contests. Therefore, you can establish the relative performance of portfolios under custom timeframes. You can test portfolio management theories and you can do so in very large portfolios. For example you could compare the top 100 market cap weighted portfolios with other portfolios. And these portfolios are archived so that you can use them in the future.

Now that a Performance Report has been created, you must upload your portfolios to that Report.

Go to PORTFOLIOS and select a portfolio by clicking on “View” for that portfolio.

Click on the “Portfolio Menu” box.

Click on “Submit Portfolio to Performance” Select the Portfolio Performance Report drop down list.

Click on “Submit to Report”

On the new page, enter the Name of Portfolio.


One portfolio after another can be added into a certain Portfolio Performance Report. The Subscriber can also create some new portfolios for the Performance Report. The regular format for create portfolio is followed.

Specify the dollar value for the contests. Note that this data is suppressed until the contest starts.

Hit the CREATE button to create the contest.

During the Performance period, the Portfolio Manager can check to see how each portfolio is performing. For blogs and other medium,